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We invite you to be a part of Albuquerque's most anticipated social event of the year.  Partnering with Laughter is the Best Medicine provides access to a valuable and engaged demographic of philanthropic leaders in the community, both corporate and individual. Proposed is an opportunity to align your organization with Presbyterian, one of the leading organizations in New Mexico.

Supporting Brighter Futures

More than an unforgettable evening, Laughter will support the expansion of Presbyterian Community Health’s Peer Support Specialist Program.

Peer Support Specialists share their lived experiences and provide patients with a relatable and empathetic healing perspective. Only someone who has faced the stigma of mental illness and worked to overcome it can understand how damaging it can be and the daily challenges that are involved. 


By sharing their stories, peer support specialists serve as powerful mentors and guide others along the recovery path. Proceeds from the event will enable the expansion of the program instilling hope for patients facing depression and other mental health issues.

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As an official
partner, you will:

Connect your brand to an engaged audience

Receive brand placement on marketing and event materials

Gain attention as a socially responsible organization

Our History

After 24 years, Laughter is the Best Medicine continues to be the single largest fundraising event for Presbyterian - netting more than $4 million in the past 10 years alone.

Our Objective

Proceeds will enable the expansion of the Peer Support Specialist program to focus on depression and other mental health issues that impact a patient’s ability to thrive as well as provide support to build key infrastructure including billing capacity, virtual visits and impact reporting.



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Contact Carrie Brewster Moritomo | (505) 724 - 6574 |

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